It’s Official: The First Instagram From Space Has Been Posted

Taking one small step for photography (or is it ‘a photography’?) and one giant leap for Instagram, the first Instagram post from space was posted this past Monday by an astronaut currently residing at the International Space Station.

Shared by the official ISS Instagram account, the photo shows American astronaut Steven R. Swanson as he floats in the middle of the iconic Cupola — the seven-window observatory section of the International Space Station.

Swanson appropriately captioned it, “Back on ISS, life is good.” As to what filter he used … he didn’t use one. It’s space, no need to ruin it with Inkwell or Nashville.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.36.50 AM

The official ISS Instagram account was created back in January as Swanson and his two Russian cosmonaut counterparts were preparing for the 39th expedition to the ISS. This is only continuing the growing presence of NASA and other space programs on various social media sites, which have brought space exploration and discovery to the world of “liking” and “tagging.”

It’s inevitable we’ll be seeing more Instagram posts from space in the coming months, but for now, let’s all relish in the moment that is the very first one. A moment that will go down in history… whether you like it or not.

(via Daily Dot)

P.S. The second Instagram photo from space has actually already gone up. Also taken by Astronaut Swanson, it shows the northern lights dancing above Europe: