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Get $300 Instant Credit Towards an A7r or A7 When You Trade In ANY Used Camera


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.26.59 PM

Sony is about to score some serious brownie points with consumers, because for a limited time you can trade in ANY used camera — even broken ones by the sound of it — and get at least $300 off a brand new A7, A7 kit or A7r!

Deals like this on brand new, ground-breaking cameras are rare. As PopPhoto points out, other programs like the Canon Loyalty Program offer trade-in deals that could be worth even more than $300, but there are stipulations to these programs that Sony seems to be throwing out the window.

As far as we can tell, any make and model camera regardless of condition can be traded in for $300 towards a brand spanking new full-frame mirrorless A7 or A7r, and often even more in terms of gift cards and other goodies depending on the retailer you go through. So dig that broken old backup out of the box in the attic, because it could score you a solid rebate!

It’s worth noting, however, that the deal is causing some confusion right now. Several retailers are offering it, but not everyone is offering the same thing. Here’s what I got from B&H when I submitted a form saying I was trading in a T3i:


B&H seems to want your camera in good working order and they send you a quote that, in my case, was lower than $300 (or is it supposed to be $225 on top of the instant $300 savings?). Adorama and Focus Camera, on the other hand, are offering $300 and then some in terms of gift cards and/or software, plus whatever they determine your camera is worth once you send it in.

All this to say you should pick your retailer wisely, because there are some interesting differences. We’re checking with our B&H rep to get some clarification and will update this post once we hear back.

To take advantage of this deal, head over to B&H Photo, Adorama or Focus Camera, fill in your information and send in your camera. The deal expires March 31st.

Update: We just received an email from one of our awesome readers who clarified the Sony deal from B&H for us. Here’s how it works:

I just did the trade-in for an A7 last week and the confusing part is that BH will send you a quote for what they would normally offer you for your gear, but when they receive it (and when you call them all confused-like) they will give you a promo code for the $300 off at check out. So basically you can disregard the amount they send you in the quote.

Thanks for the info Sean!