Tutorial Shows Quick, Effective Method For Managing Stray Hairs in Post

No matter who it is you’re photographing or where you’re taking their picture, it’s almost inevitable that in at least a few shots there will be some stray hairs flying across the photo. Usually, the result is an extra hour or so in post-production trying to get the hairs out one-by-one. Cue infomercial guy saying: “There has to be a better way!”

And there is! Photographer Michael Woloszynowicz has come up with a nice tutorial showing his minutes, rather than hours, method for managing manes. It’s quick, efficient, and will work with almost any background you can throw at it, the exception being textured backgrounds.

Give the video a watch though and let us know your thoughts on it, and if you’d like to check out more of his work, you can hear over to his website or find more great tutorials over on his YouTube channel.

(via ISO 1200)