How to Capture a Beautiful Watch Product Shot Using Only an iPad for Lighting

Product photography — even when done with cheap gear like this awesome tutorial using an iPhone, an IKEA lamp and some flashlights — usually involves multiple light sources. But there is a way around that, as Laya Gerlock over on DIY Photography demonstrates in this awesome tutorial titled “How to Shoot a Perfect Watch with Nothing but an iPad.”

In truth, you could nitpick the title since you’re using a camera to take the actual picture, but that’s just splitting hairs. What Gerlock is showing you is how to use an iPad or iPhone as your only light source to light paint a gorgeous-looking product shot of a watch.


The video shows you everything you need to know to go from concept to completion, but if you’d like a step-by-step breakdown in writing, follow the link below to read Gerlock’s full tutorial on DIYP.