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Pentax Announces Its Own CMOS Medium Format Camera, Will Show it Off at CP+



So much for a medium format CMOS sensor being a novel idea. Following closely behind Hasseblad and Phase One‘s CMOS medium format announcements is the news that Ricoh is working on its own CMOS MF model, a followup to the 645D that is tentatively being called the Pentax 645D 2014.

Not much in way of official info is out yet regarding the product. What we do know is that the camera boasts the ‘latest, super-high-resolution CMOS image sensor’ (read: probably the same 50MP Sony sensor found in the Hasselblad and Phase One), high-speed response in a variety of photographic applications and a tilt-type LCD monitor.


That last fact, at least, seems to be confirmed by these images published by the Korean website PopCo, that show a camera much like the old 645D, only with a tilting screen.

In addition to the 645D, Ricoh will also show off an ‘ultra-wide-angle zoom lens’ (pictured below) designed with the new 645D and digital imaging in mind, a high-performance series macro telephoto prime lens for use with Q-mount cameras, and a ‘Film duplication accessory’ that uses a built-in flash unit and an SLR to create digital duplicates of silver-halide-film images.


So far, Ricoh hasn’t revealed when exactly the two new lenses or the film duplicator will be released, but we do know that the 645D will arrive in Spring 2014. All of the products are ‘in development,’ and Ricoh will have reference products on display at CP+ in Japan.

(via sonyalpharumors and Photo Rumors)

Image credits: Images via PopCo