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New ‘Moment’ Smartphone Lenses Claim Unmatched Image and Build Quality



Considering the plethora of smartphone lens add-ons on the market, it will probably surprise you to learn that new kid on the block Moment and their two lenses for iPhone and Galaxy devices achieved full funding in just ONE DAY. They did this with one simple promise: that these lenses are the world’s best lenses for your phone. Period.

It’s a lofty proclamation to make, but with decades of experience designing and manufacturing cinematic lenses under their belt, the Moment team are confident their product can stand up to the scrutiny this claim will bring.


Quality, in both construction and results, is the name of the game:

Most existing mobile and iPhone accessory lenses are ok in the center of the frame but degrade quickly towards the edge of the frame. They also exhibit significant chromatic aberration and in most cases, significant geometric distortion.

The Moment optics are different:

We optimized multi-element designs using the same recipe in designing professional cinema glass for HD film. We then fabricate the lens elements in the same high precision optical manufacturing facilities that produce lenses for 4K cinema. We believe we are the first company to integrate such high end glass into mobile lenses.

Here’s the company’s Kickstarter video followed by a few sample photos:






Moment lenses come in two variations: wide angle and telephoto, both of which are designed and built to feel like premium glass… albeit miniaturized. The wide angle lens gives you a 18mm equivalent field of view while the telephoto pushes the iPhone’s ~32mm to 70mm equivalent.

Both lenses attach to the iPhone (4S and newer), iPad (2 and newer) and Galaxy S (2 and newer) devices using a thin metal plate mount that attaches to your phone and allows you to screw the lens in, whether or not you’re using a case.

Moment Tele

iPhone 5 with no lens

Moment Wide Angle

As we mentioned at the top, Moment no longer needs your help to become a reality, but we’re sure creator Marc Barros wouldn’t mind your business all the same. So, if you want to learn more about these lenses or put down a pledge of your own ($50 for a lens of your choice or $100 for both), head over to the Kickstarter page by clicking here.

Image credits: All images courtesy of Moment