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BTS with Carli Davidson: The Photographer Behind the Viral ‘Shake’ Series

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Carli Davidson‘s photos and slow motion video of dogs shaking off water and spittle have been a huge hit with people all over the world. In October, the photos were even immortalized in a book by the same name, and while she was working on that book, Nikon caught up with her at her Portland, OR studio.

The video gives us a chance to watch Davidson at work, and hear a little bit about how and why she does what she does. Here’s a look back at the Shake slow motion video that debuted at the same time as the book:

Although she’s best known for Shake, Davidson’s animal photography extends far beyond canines. Her love of animals, which began as a little kid, turned into a professional photography career only after she had spent time working with all sorts of creatures at the nature reserve near her childhood home.

Now she photographs everything from her dog Norbert (who, incidentally, inspired the Shake series) to penguins, to exotic birds. “I’m really looking for something new and fresh,” she explains. “An energy or an expression that grabs me personally. And I’m an animal person, I’m my own audience.”

To hear more from Davidson herself, check out the video at the top. And if you haven’t yet seen the shake series, don’t forget to visit our previous coverage by clicking here.

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1 Comment