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Use Beach Glass as an Awesome Medium for Photo Transfers



One of our popular posts back in 2011 was a quick video tutorial on how you can use Mod Podge to transfer photographs onto blocks of wood (we also shared a text-based tutorial earlier this year).

If you thought that was cool, get this: you can also do the same type of photo transfer onto pieces of beach glass!

Blogger Jana over at Building 25 has published an awesome tutorial on how you can do this.

The ingredients list is the same: you’ll need some Mod Podge, a brush to paint it on with, and some laser printed versions of the photographs you’d like to transfer (it’s important that you use a laser printer rather than an ink jet one).


The resulting beach glass photo transfers are eye catching, and can be used to fill up mason jars, as decorative paper weights, as hanging decorations, or even as jewelry.

Want to make your own? Head on over to Building 25 to read the step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Beach Glass Photo Transfer [Building 25 via MAKE]

Image credit: Photographs by Jana/Building 25