Vu Booth Rig Lets You Quickly and Easily Turn Your Gear Into a Photo Booth


It’s not uncommon these days for photographers to want to add a photo booth option to their offerings. In the past, we’ve seen everything from an awesome VW Photo Bus, to a portable battery-powered option, to an Instagram-inspired DIY project.

The Vu Booth is a rig that offers yet another approach. Made up of 4 separate parts, it allows you to put together your SLR, a monitor, tripod and a wireless trigger into a ready-to-use photo booth.

In terms of portability and allowing you to use your own equipment, the Vu Booth reminds us a bit of the Photoboop. It’s just that the Vu Booth doesn’t act as your trigger or provide any sort of countdown. It’s meant to provide photographers with a ready-made mounting platform that they can quickly strap their own gear to.


Created by Tether Tools, the company claims that its Vu Booth can “set up in minutes.” All you need is a tripod or stand, your SLR with wireless trigger, and a VESA mounting standard compliant 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 monitor.

Once everything is put together, the monitor can swivel and change from landscape to portrait, and you can even move the camera to place it above, below or to the side of the monitor depending on your preference.

The Vu Booth comes in three monitor mount variants, the Go Vu pictured above for $292, the Local Vu for $302, or the Studio Vu for $382 (compare all three here). To learn more about the Vu Booth or pick up a rig for yourself, head over to Tether Tools website by clicking here.