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Muku Shuttr is the World’s First Wireless Shutter Release for iOS and Android



In Japanese, “Muku” means “clean” and “simple,” and that’s what Muku Labs has done its best to create with its first product, the Muku Shuttr. A clean and simple little wireless shutter release that works with iOS and certain Android devices.

After a failed (or only half-successful, if you’re being optimistic) run on Indiegogo, Muku Shuttr has taken to Kickstarter and has now reached its funding goal and beyond. Here’s a quick intro video:

As you can see, the Muku Shuttr (previously just Shuttr) is a simple device that performs a simple task: triggering your phone’s camera. But unlike most other products on the market, Shuttr doesn’t need you to install a third-party app or plug in using a cable.

Instead, it connects via Bluetooth, allowing you to trigger the shutter from up to 30ft away (assuming Bluetooth 3.0) without line-of-sight.

On the iOS side, Shuttr is currently compatible with iPhone (3GS and above), iPod Touch (5th gen and above), iPad (2 and above), and iPad mini. As far as Android devices go, Shuttr will work app-less with the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, Note 8, Note 10.1 and the LG Nexus 4. It will also be compatible with the new HTC One, the One X+, and Sony’s Xperia S and Z phones, but you’ll need a companion app.


As we said above, Muku Shuttr has already reached above and beyond its funding goal. With 23 days left, Muku Labs has raised almost $18K of the $10K they needed. Pair that with the almost $24K they received from the half-successful Indiegogo campaign, and they should have enough to go on to bring Shuttr to market.

If you want to add your support for the campaign — or just want to pick up a Muku Shuttr at the special Kickstarter price before it arrives in retail stores — head over to the campaign page and have your wallet ready. All of the $20 early bird deals are gone, but you can still get your choice of white or black Muku Shuttr (along with a complimentary suction stand) delivered to your door by October for only $30.

(via The Phoblographer)