Divoom Bluetune-Bean is a Bluetooth Speaker That Doubles as a Wireless Shutter Release


As smartphone photography and selfie culture become more ubiquitous, we’re starting to see new products that aim to make snapping smartphone shots simpler. First came the selfie stick, and now there’s a new product called the Divoom Bluetune-Bean. It’s an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that has a feature that sets it apart: on the side is a shutter button for triggering the camera on your phone.


The speaker can be paired with any Bluetooth-capable device for playing music while you’re out and about. If your device is an iPhone or Android smartphone, the speaker can double as a wireless shutter release to help you take self-portraits with your phone from up to 30 feet away — something that could come in handy while you’re on vacation.


You can pick up a Divoom Bluetune-Bean for $25 over on Amazon.

Divoom Bluetune-Bean [Amazon via Engadget]