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Create Custom ‘If This Then That’ Actions for Photos with the IFTTT iPhone App



The productivity service IFTTT (short for “if this then that”) is a popular digital “glue” that ties different web services together. If you want to create a Facebook status every time you get an email, or automatically upload new photos to Flickr, the app allows you to do that.

And now, with the release of the company’s brand new (not to mention free) iPhone app, IFTTT’s influence is spreading to include a decent amount of functionality for smartphone photography lovers.

In any discussion about IFTTT, the three words you have to keep in mind are: triggers, actions and recipes. The trigger represents the “this,” the action represents the “that,” and the recipe represents the whole shebang. For instance, a simple recipe could be: if I upload a photo to Instagram, then upload it to my Instagram folder on Dropbox.


All of this functionality already existed in IFTTT before the release of the iPhone app earlier today, what’s new is the ability to tap into your camera roll and quickly and easily create ‘recipes’ on the go. With that in mind, the IFTTT team has created several specialized triggers that take advantage of its access to your photos app.

For example: the IFTTT app can tell if you’ve taken a screenshot, if the photo was taken using your front or back camera, or if you’ve added a photo to an album. It can then take only those specific photos and, say, upload them to Facebook or Flickr, or drop them in a specific Dropbox folder.


The potential uses are many. Maybe you only want to upload photos taken using your rear camera to Facebook (no selfies), or maybe you create a special album for your best iPhone shots and have IFTTT automatically upload only those to Flickr. The only real limit is your creativity.

To learn more about IFTTT, join the service, or download the iPhone app for yourself (for now, Android users will have to settle for the company’s capable web app) head over to the IFTTT website or grab your free copy of the app on the iTunes App Store.

(via The Next Web)