Lifestyle Photos Featuring Wookiees

06 - DxdKIJe

Portland, Oregon-based photographer and art director Mako Miyamoto has an ongoing project that consists of lifestyle photographs… of Wookiees. The photographs have scenes and aesthetics you might see in some kind of clothing catalog or marketing campaign, except all of the models are sporting giant furry Chewbacca faces.

Activities seen in the images range from the mundane (e.g. sipping a drink at a bar, looking over a river during sunset) to the extreme (e.g. martial art fighting on a beach, swinging an axe at a car windshield while wearing a bloody apron).

Here’s a selection of photographs from the project that’ll give you an idea of what Wookiees do when they’re not zipping around the universe in spaceships or hanging out on Kashyyyk:

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11 - Eev81P4

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13 - QNWQJK8

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17 - 31ksMB4

18 - hVQor3g

19 - m56HfPv

20 - RYCtV7c

21 - Qm7EEIU

22 - yO7KMRO

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02 - EeWWuYq

03 - feARknX

04 - L0CRG4y

You can find the entire set of these photographs over on the project’s website, Neon Werewolf. To find some photographs by Miyamoto that don’t contain fur and fangs, check out his personal photography website, which includes this project and more.

(via Laughing Squid)

P.S. Interested in shooting your own Wookiee photos? You can find similar masks over on Amazon for about $50-$100.

Image credits: Photographs by Mako Miyamoto