Leica Now Including Adobe Lightroom 5 With Every S, M, X, V and D-Lux Camera


About a month ago, Leica Camera AG made an announcement that’s bound to make prospective buyers happy, while possibly justifying the price tag of a Leica camera a tiny bit. The company has decided to begin including Adobe Lightroom 5 with every Leica S, M, X, V and D-Lux camera from here on out.

Typically, a Lightroom 5 upgrade from one of the previous versions will run you $80, and if you’re dropping several thousand on a Leica you can probably afford it (or maybe that’s the point, you no longer can) — regardless, it’s a nice gesture all the same.


“Adobe┬« Photoshop┬« Lightroom┬« 5 is considered to be the most professional image-processing software currently available, and guarantees ultimate picture quality when used in combination with images captured with Leica cameras and lenses,” explains the press release. “Leica Camera AG has maintained a successful cooperation with Adobe Systems Incorporated for many years. Our mutual aim is to provide customers with perfect image quality and intuitive workflow solutions.”

In order to take advantage of the deal, you’ll have to register your camera online. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to download LR5 for free off of the Leica website and begin using all of the fancy new features the software provides.

To learn more about this deal and all it entails, check out the full Leica press release here.

(via Leica Rumors)