Ad Campaign Uses Powerful Photographs to Explain that Facebook Likes Don’t Help


When they were tasked with putting together a powerful advertising campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore, ad agency Publicis Singapore mixed heart-wrenching photos with a hard-to-swallow tagline to create something quite moving.

The campaign is based around the tag line: “Liking Isn’t Helping,” and it uses press photos of flood, earthquake and war victims surrounded by hands coming from outside the frame giving them a “thumbs up,” symbolizing the Facebook “like.”


The thumbs ups have been Photoshopped in, but the message is clear. Since the C.R.S. is run by volunteers, they want people to understand that clicking like or share on Facebook, while it might help spread the word, doesn’t actually make a difference to a crisis victim.


To drive the point home even further, the ad copy at the bottom right reads “Be a Volunteer. Change a Life.” To learn more about C.R.S. and how you can help their cause, head over to the organization’s website by clicking here.

Update: Artist Hani Abbas tells us he believes the campaign was inspired by this comic he created four months ago: