Comedians Key and Peele Having a Blast Improvising at a Photo Shoot

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were recently asked to participate in a photo shoot for Fast Company‘s “100 Most Creative People.” And although we’ve taken part in spreading the word when it comes to making sure your models are happy and comfortable, the Fast Company photographers didn’t have to worry about it for this shoot — before long the two comics were in their element.

The two comedians started off their careers on MadTV, transitioning into their own show “Key and Peele” in 2011. The show is a sketch comedy that’s filmed in front of a studio audience, so they certainly know how to improv and keep from breaking, especially when there are many eyes on them.


At this photo shoot, with an audience of professionals and assistants — including photographer Casey Rodgers, who directed and produced the above BTS video — at their disposal, the two comedians started riffing for the camera(s). What resulted was a hilarious photo shoot that must have been pretty fun for the guys running the cameras.

To see more from Rogers or the results of the shoot, head over to his website or check out this month’s issue of Fast Company.