Photos of Patterns and Repetition Spotted During Urban Exploration

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Take a look at photographer Jared Lim‘s portfolio, and many of his photographs might look to you like they’re the product of liberal Photoshop Clones Stamp usage. They feature repeating shapes, colors, and patterns found in various cities’ urban environments.

Based in Singapore, Lim is an urban explorer — he calls himself a “wanderer” — and says he has always been drawn to geometry, lines, curves, patterns, and abstract designs.

Thus, architectural photography has been a natural fit for him ever since he picked up a camera. While traveling to different cities around the world for his travel industry job, Lim captures things that catch his eye in monochrome, in color, and on the street.

In an interview over on Chase Jarvis’ blog, Lim says he does minimal editing on his images:

I try to get my composition and lighting right during shooting so as to minimize the amount of post correction work. Post work mainly involves correction of lens distortion and perspective, because I am rather meticulous in my composition. I love strong colors and most of my work reflects that.

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You can find more of Lim’s work over on his website and on his 500px page. You can also connect with him through Facebook.

(via The Fox is Black)

Image credits: Photographs by Jared Lim and used with permission