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Antonin Kratochvil Discusses His Love of Simple, Intimate Photography


Over the course of his career, Antonin Kratochvil has made a name for himself as one of the great photojournalists of our time. He’s photographed everything from Mongolian Street Children to war zones, to Bono, and through it all has managed to maintain an intimacy in his style and simplicity in his approach that is both inspirational and refreshing.

In this short Canon interview, Kratochvil discusses those qualities and how he’s kept them front and center in his photography. From the fact that he shoots only JPEG, to his insistence on using only one or two wide angle lenses so that he has to get intimate with his subject, everything about his style points to his experience and creativity as the driving force behind his award-winning work.

Better put by Kratochvil himself at the end of the interview:

You should never use camera to make your pictures. You use yourself, your experience, to make the pictures with the camera. Not the other way around.

To see more of Kratochvil’s work, you can visit his website by clicking here.

(via A Photo Editor)