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Inspirational Interview Packed Full of Useful Lighting and Photojournalism Tips

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Photojournalist Ed Kashi has received many accolades over the course of his photojournalistic career, and in this short interview with Marc Silber, he shares some of what he’s learned about light and the art of photojournalism.

From an understanding of and ability to work with natural light, to the need to truly care about and be interested in other people, Kashi covers a broad swath of information in the short, 5-minute video.


The advice in the video is painted with a large brush and broad strokes. But while you won’t receive a “5 ways to use natural light in Photojournalism” style list of tips from Kashi, what he offers to aspiring and even accomplished photojournalists could be considered much more useful because it informs the way one understands and interprets this art form.

So click play at the top to hear what Kashi has to say, and let us know what you think of his advice, what you agree with, what you disagree with, and what (if anything) you would add, in the comments down below.

1 Comment