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Snowflake Macro Photos Captured Using a Canon PowerShot Compact Camera



Moscow, Russia-based photographer Alexey Kljatov shoots incredibly beautiful photographs of snowflakes on the open balcony of his home… using a custom compact camera kit. That’s right: rather than use fancy (and pricey) camera gear, Kljatov simply uses a 12.1MP Canon PowerShot A650 and some DIY macro gear that he put together.

Kljatov says he mostly works on a glass surface with an LED flashlight illuminating the snowflake from the other side of the glass. For other shots, he also uses natural light and dark woolen fabric as a backdrop.

Here’s what the setup looks like: notice how the sheet of glass is resting on an upside-down wooden stool:


When he was just starting out, Kljatov would use the standard macro mode on the A650, using a plastic bottle tube to stabilize his camera while it’s pointed straight down onto the snowflake at the minimum focusing distance. He would press the shutter with one hand (with a delay so he could shoot hands free) while using the other to point the flashlight at the snowflake.

More recently, Kljatov built a “super-macro addon” using a Helios 44M-5 lebs from an old USSR Zenit SLR camera. You can see the new rig above.

Here are some of the amazing snowflake photographs he has captured using the two setups:












You can find more of his snowflake macros over on his Flickr photostream and through his blog.

Snowflakes and Snow Crystals [Flickr via The Phoblographer]

P.S. If you’re into snowflake photos, be sure to also check out these gorgeous snowflake snaps by another Russian photographer named Andrew Osokin.

Image credits: Photographs by Alexey Kljatov and used with permission