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Greg Heisler on Photography Techniques and Drawing Inspiration from Within


A couple of days ago, we featured a BTS video showing how portrait photographer Greg Heisler got a great Time magazine cover shot of Michael Phelps before the 2004 Olympics using some creative techniques and a lot of preparation.

In this video, part of the same Master Series, Heisler discusses photographic techniques and how they can actually mask your vision if you rely too heavily on them.

Here’s a short snippet from the video that describes some of Heisler’s views on technique and inspiration:

Techniques are like gloves, and you can wear different gloves for different occasions. But your actual vision is like your fingerprints, they don’t change. And if anything the techniques hide your fingerprints… what I’m trying to do is get enough stillness in the lake, so I can see my reflection…

There’s a lot of inspiration to be drawn from these 3 minutes and 47 seconds of video. So, if you’ve got the time, press play and enjoy!

(via Strobist)