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Spend Two Hours Learning from Portrait Master Greg Heisler


Earlier this week, when stumbled across this two-hour presentation by iconic portrait photographer Greg Heisler, it took all the will power we had not to share it with you right away. In our world, being the “first” to report on a story is often very important, and it’s an impulse we often have to resist because we’re intent on getting the story right.

In this case, however, it had nothing to do with getting the story right and everything to do with sharing it at a time when we felt the majority of our readers would have enough time to watch the video from start to finish. Two hours is a long time to listen to one photographer speak, but in the case of Gregory Heisler, we think you’ll find it’s not nearly long enough.


This presentation was given by Mr. Heisler at an Ilford exhibit of his work last February. Large prints of selected photographs from his then unreleased 50 Portraits: Stories and Techniques from a Photographer’s Photographer book were on display and so he spent some time talking about his life, career and a few of his favorite photographs.

We refuse to give anything away because we just can’t do it sufficient justice in text, so watch the video if there is any chance you can carve out two hours today. After all, that’s why we waited to share it. It’s a lazy Sunday and the NCAA National Championship (War Eagle!… sorry, can’t help myself) isn’t until tomorrow — as far as we can tell, you have no excuses.

And once you do watch it, head over to B&H and grab a copy of 50 Portraits. This is one photographic purchase we highly doubt you’ll regret.

(via Ilford Blog via ISO 1200)