A Chrome Extension for Looking Up the Histogram of Any Online Photograph


A couple of weeks ago we featured a Google Chrome extension for overlaying “rule of thirds” lines over any online photograph. Now we have a different tool for examining other photographer’s photographs: Image Histogram.

Created by developer/photographer Nick Burlett, it’s a Chrome Extension that can quickly bring up the histogram of any online photograph.

The Extension adds a new “Toggle histogram” option to your right-click menu on photos. Click it to overlay a histogram for the photograph directly over the image. Click it again to make it disappear.


Burlett writes that he wrote the Extension because he prefers to visit inspiring photographs in their original online locations:

I don’t download other photographer’s images frequently — I prefer to bookmark them and return from time to time. I wrote this extension so that I could quickly see the histogram without needing to download the image and pull up Photoshop.

Also, if you’re concerned about the access permissions the Extension needs in order to work — it has to read the image off the website you’re viewing, after all — you can examine the source code yourself to ensure that it doesn’t have any shady mechanisms.

Image Histogram [Chrome Web Store]