Skyfire Predicts and Maps Out Where the Best Golden Hour Light Will Be a Day in Advance

When you’re looking to get out and grab some landscape or sunset photography, getting the perfect light is usually a game of chance, but a new web app called Skyfire is looking to change that. By using a proprietary algorithm, Skyfire creates a heat map of light quality, ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, across the United States so you can find the perfect spot and plan your trip ahead of time.

Star Trek Face Morphs Combine Faces of Past and Present Star Trek Actors

Well, here's one for the Trekkies... yes, I'm looking at you Cheri. Reddit user and Star Trek enthusiast Pedro Berg Johnsen (better known as ThatNordicGuy) took it upon himself to blend the faces of the Star Trek: The Original Series stars with their modern-day counterparts.

The resulting images have sparked some interesting conversation about how good a job the casting directors of the new Star Trek films did. Many of the actors blend together incredibly well.

Samsung Working on Overlay Feature to Help Strangers Snap Better Shots of You

Asking a stranger to snap a photograph of you is a risky proposition. If the person has no concept of basic photography concepts and techniques, the resulting photographs may be completely different than what you had hoped for -- and you're too embarrassed to ask for another photo (so you wait for that person to leave and for a new one to walk by).

Samsung wants to help solve this problem: they're working on a camera feature that helps guide photo-inept strangers in snapping the shot you want.

A Chrome Extension for Looking Up the Histogram of Any Online Photograph

A couple of weeks ago we featured a Google Chrome extension for overlaying "rule of thirds" lines over any online photograph. Now we have a different tool for examining other photographer's photographs: Image Histogram.

Created by developer/photographer Nick Burlett, it's a Chrome Extension that can quickly bring up the histogram of any online photograph.