What Makes a Pro? Lessons Leaned from 2 Years Giving Cheap Cams to Pro Photogs

Well, we started the photography tips train rolling earlier today with four incredibly informative short interviews with portrait master Gregory Heisler, and what better way to follow that up than with some great tips from the sillier side of the photo industry: the folks over at DigitalRev.

Over the years, DigitalRev TV has put together many videos for its “Pro Tog, Cheap Camera” series in which they give a skilled photographer a poor excuse for a camera and let them have at it. The point of the series is plain: the gear doesn’t make the picture, the photographer does.

The series has been running for over two years now, and so Kai and the DigitalRev team decided it might be a good idea to condense two years worth of “Pro Tog, Cheap Camera” down into an informational (and, of course, humorous) six-minute video on “How to Shoot Like a Pro.”

The camera David Hobby (aka. Strobist) was made to use during his "Pro Tog, Cheap Camera" challenge.
The camera David Hobby (aka. Strobist) was made to use during his “Pro Tog, Cheap Camera” challenge.

There’s a lot of great advice there, all taken from different episodes of the series in which photographers played with snakes, laid down in the middle of the street, demonstrated extreme patience and even went over the handlebars of a bicycle, all in the name of getting the perfect shot using far-from-perfect equipment.

To see the whole thing for yourself, click play on the video at the top. And if you’d like to watch some of the Pro Tog, Cheap Camera challenges in full, click here to see some of our favorites.