Behind the Scenes at the Second Largest Studio Lighting Factory in China

Back in October, we shared some photos taken inside a small Chinese studio lighting maker named NiceFoto. Now we have a look at what operations look like at a much larger manufacturer: Godox. It’s reportedly the second largest studio lighting producer in all of China.

These images again come courtesy of David Selby, the editor of Lighting Rumors. Selby was recently granted behind-the-scenes access and an interview with the company’s boss.

Selby reports that Godox is the company behind Leadpower location battery packs, Reemix radio triggers, and ThinkLite flash units. The reason you may never have heard of the company is that it has so far been focused on serving domestic photo studios in China rather than expanding overseas.

An interesting fact: creating new molds to launch new product lines can cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is something smaller companies try to avoid, which is why there isn’t much differentiation in terms of product design for certain types of gear.

Behind the scenes at one of China’s top studio lighting makers [Lighting Rumors]

Image credits: Photographs by David Selby/Lighting Rumors and used with permission