Woodenize Your Camera Using Wallpaper or Wood Veneer

Photographer Patrick Ng has an obsession with natural materials such as wood and leather. Recently, he decided to “woodenize” his beloved Canon F-1n SLR (a professional film SLR released back in 1976). He didn’t use a pre-made kit for the conversion, though… Instead, he simply ripped off the faux-leather and replaced it with faux-wood wallpaper.

Here’s what he tells us about the process:

It is actually very simple. Just peel off the old skin and clean the remaining glues with zippo, use wallpaper or real wood veneer to apply on the now debossed area.

You may want to cut out a piece of the sticker approximately the size of the area, stick on the surface and use a cutting knife to carve out the unwanted area. To make it even more perfect, after you’ve done with the first sticker, peel it off and use it as a template to cut out an exact copy of it on a new sticker sheet, but this time be very careful with the edges and corners.

This DIY mod will likely work much better on older cameras that don’t feature too many curves.

(via Patrick Ng via CanonWatch)

Image credit: Photographs by Patrick Ng and used with permission