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Geode: A Rechargeable Accent Light that Makes Your Photos Glow

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What do you get when you combine an accent light with a picture frame? Answer: the Geode. It’s a new product by San Francisco-based home furnishing shop Ghost Nest that lets you light up a space while showing off your favorite photographs.

Made of aluminum and translucent white plastic, the Geode features a multi-faceted body that allows it to be set down in 7 different resting positions. A switch on the body changes the brightness of the light, and can also be used to turn it off.

The device’s use isn’t limited to where you can find a power outlet: it’s outfitted with a rechargeable battery that lets you go cordless for up to 6 hours at a time. This makes it a nice decorative piece for things like weddings, birthdays, and other special events. It’s lit by energy-efficient LED lights, so you can use it as a fancy nightlight as well without worrying about using too much electricity.

One downside to the product is that the photos used in the frame must be created through Ghost Nest. You select a photo you’d like to use when ordering the Geode initially, and swapping out the image with another requires that you go through the company’s website to make another print. An ordinary print can’t be back-lit in the same way, but we’re guessing a print made on printer paper might be compatible.

Ghost Nest is currently raising funds and taking pre-orders through Kickstarter, where a $35 contribution will allow you to reserve one future Geode.

Geode (via Photojojo)

1 Comment