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Leica à la Carte Lets You Mix and Match Parts for a Custom Film Rangefinder


When shopping for a new computer, online shops often allow you to customize the computer and choose the individual components that go into it. If the computing world can offer that, why not the photography world?

Turns out you can with Leica cameras. The company has a website called “Leica à la carte“, through which you can configure a film Leica rangefinder to suit your tastes and needs.

The process involves 9 steps. After selecting either a M7 or an MP as your body, you’re given the choice of surface color, rewinder style, top engraving style, control colors, leather cladding color, viewfinder magnification, frame line types, and your choice of personal engraving.

Want a Leica MP body with a M7 rewind crank and red leather cladding? You can do that.

Like with computer parts, the premium options (e.g. a black chrome finish) adds extra costs to the price of the camera.

Unlike ordering a computer, however, getting the order placed is a bit of a hassle: instead of processing your order directly through the website, you’re asked to print out a configuration document and take it to a Leica dealer. The shop will then send in your order to Leica for custom manufacturing.

Leica à la carte (via tokyo camera style)