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Lytro Looking for a New CEO as Ren Ng Steps Into Executive Chairman Position


If you’re at all familiar with Lytro cameras and their light field technology, you’ll have heard of founder and CEO Ren Ng. However, he won’t be holding the title of CEO much longer. Two days ago Ng announced via blog post that he would be stepping aside as the CEO of Lytro and moving into the Executive Chairman position previously occupied by Charles Chi (who, incidentally, is now the interim CEO).

The move comes as a result of Lytro having reached what Ng sees as a new chapter, a chapter in which he would like to play more of an innovative and less of a business role.

In my new role I will shift attention from day-to-day operations, to focus again on product vision, technology, and strategic direction for the company. I am very excited to have the opportunity to focus on these areas where I am most passionate.

Now that Ng has vacated the position of CEO, Lytro are actively looking for his permanent replacement. And although we doubt they’re taking applications from just anyone, interested parties with adequate experience in and passion for light field technology may want to get in touch with them. But regardless of who gets the job, we’re excited to see what’s in store for Lytro and this upcoming chapter in their history.

Wanted: A Light Field CEO (via AllThingsD)

Image credit: Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2011 by Fortune Live Media