DIY Backpack OctoDome for Lighting Solo Shoots

When photographer Ian Spanier was assigned to shoot 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler at his home in Vegas, the budget wouldn’t allow him to hire an assistant. Still, this was an important shoot, the editor of Muscular Development had stuck his neck out to get him this gig, and he wanted to do as good a job as possible. So instead of depending on natural light, or shooting with a standard top mount flash, he decided to hack together something better.

By attaching a Photoflex OctoDome to a LowePro Scope Porter 200 AW birdwatching backpack, he managed to eliminate the need for an assistant and create a very versatile solo lighting rig in the process. Of course there is some assembly required, but if you want all of the details, including pictures of the rig, head over to his website to get the full story.

Gotta work solo but want a nice light? This may help