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Photog Bling: A Leica f/.95 Noctilux Ring


When Matthew Harrison (aka The Leica Guy) got married recently, he was given the awesome gift of a f/.95 Noctilux ring:

As is tradition, the bride and groom exchanged gifts prior to the wedding. While Matthew purchased Emily the watch that she had always wanted. Emily commissioned a custom ring for Matthew’s shooting hand (as opposed to for his wedding band). This one of a kind band has the depth of field scale from his favorite lens, the .95 Noctilux. On the sides, the ring features both Matthew’s name and The Leica Guy moniker on one side, and the Lens information including name, filter size, and serial number on the other. [#]

You can find the website of the jeweler who made the ring here.

I think using custom Leica rings as wedding bands is a little over the top, but as a gift and worn on the shooting hand, this is pretty neat.

The Leica Guy got married!! (via Leica Rumors)

Image credits: Photographs by Gaelen and used with permission