One-Third of the SanDisk Memory Cards on Earth are Counterfeit

Did you know that a third of the SanDisk memory cards being used on Earth are actually fake? A SanDisk engineer recently shared this startling fact with a reader over at The Online Photographer:

[…] at any given time, approximately a third of the SanDisk memory cards (made by Toshiba) being used out there in the world are counterfeit. As in, not SanDisk memory cards at all—some other kind of cards dressed up as lookalikes.

Thirty percent, was the number quoted. A third, more or less.

To make sure you’re getting the real thing, always purchase your memory cards from reputable dealers.

Can you tell the difference between these two memory cards?

The one on the right is a real SanDisk card, while the one on the left is a counterfeit one purchased off eBay, where supposedly 70% of the memory cards are fake. Be careful when buying memory cards off eBay, especially when you’re planning to use them for photos that you can’t afford to lose!

Counterfeit Memory [The Online Photographer]

P.S.: On a more personal but related note, here’s my experience in the area of fake memory cards: some years ago I found a great deal on a 1GB memory card at a store in China. Only after getting home did I discover that it was actually a 512MB card repackaged as a 1GB one — and returns aren’t allowed over there!

Image credit: SanDisk Extreme III 4GB by code_martial and Counterfeit Compact Flash Card – Sandisk by RickDrew