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“Planking” Photos Becoming a Major Fad


Planking (AKA the “lying down game“) is a growing fad that involves lying face down in strange places with your arms to the side and snapping a photograph of it.

Here’s a short news segment that introduces the “game”:

The activity doesn’t come without risks — as everyone competes for unique planking photographs, people are attempting more and more dangerous locations to do it, sometimes at a great price:

Here are a couple example photographs:

Apparently the practice is currently sweeping across Australia. Have you ever shot a planking photograph? If so, link us to it in the comments!

Planking (via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Lying Down Game at Ötztal Bahnhof by lukipuki83, Holmes Chapel Lying Down Game by Rob Steer, DSC_5800 by srslyguys