Russian Leica Clone Converted to Digital

There was quite an outcry back in September when we shared the iCannon 4 project, where some guy gutted his Canon film SLR to use it as a shell for an iPhone 4. The frankencamera shown above is a bit cooler – it was created using a Russian Leica imitation and a Sony DSC-WX1 digital compact. Both cameras were disassembled, with the rangefinder contributing the outer shell and then Sony cam offering the inner workings. What’s amazing is that the resulting camera looks like a nicely designed retro digital compact – similar to the new FujiPix X100.

Here’s a video showing the frankencam in action:

There’s also a very detailed behind-the-scenes writeup of how the project was done (sadly, it’s in Japanese).

Update: Here’s a different (but similar) project that fuses a 1938 Leica camera with a Panasonic FX70: