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Casio Announces Compact Camera That Can Improve Your Golf Swing


With a select few companies currently dominating the digital camera scene, less popular brands are forced to come up with creative ways to capture market share. One possible way is to introduce esoteric features that most consumers would have absolutely no use for, and that’s exactly what Casio seems to be doing with its new EX-FC160S compact camera targeted towards golfers.

When playing back video recorded at 240fps on the camera, a special mode can overlay lines that help you check whether you’re swinging properly — in slow motion. If that’s not enough, the camera comes with commentary by professional golfer Chie Arimura.

The 10 megapixel camera will go available starting late August with an initial production volume of 5,000 cameras. To check out the announcement, visit the Casio Japan website (though you’ll probably need to translate it).

Coming soon: a compact camera that doubles as a metal detector.

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)