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The “Glass Frisbee” Custom Camera Lens


Stephen Von Worley over at Weather Sealed just received a lens he calls “The Glass Frisbee”. In the photo above it’s placed next to a Canon 50mm f/1.4 for size comparison. It’s a $250, 195mm f/1.25 lens that’s sold to people who need it for custom uses. The description on Surplus Shed says,

We believe these will make great wide field low power telescopes, incredible binoculars especially suited for low light conditions, or astrographs. Other uses may be for building a camera, projector, HDTV projection, telephoto, finder for your huge scope, low light compact camera obscura, etc, etc.

Von Worley plans to use his for large format photography:

I bought the Frisbee for its incredible combination of 200mm focal length and f/1.3 aperture, which I’ll use to push the limits of narrow depth of field. By the laws of physics, once shoehorned onto my large-format 4×5 monorail camera, it’s the optical equivalent of a 50mm f/0.35 lens on a full-frame SLR.

Until he gets around to it, he’s using the lens as photography-nerd bling:

You can read more about it here.

Image credits: Photographs by Stephen Von Worley