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Hanson Music Video Shot on Canon 7D with Nikon AI Lenses


Hanson’s new music video for their single, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” is really something — and it’s no MMMBop.

The video was shot on a Canon 7D, fitted with some Nikon AI  (automatic indexing) prime lenses.

Paul Lawson, the creative director and director of photography for the video said:

I chose the Canon 7D, primarily because this was before the 5D firmware finally came out and I got sick of hearing the rumors so I just went with the 7D to shoot the video. (a week later the firmware actually was released this time). I used an array of old 80’s Nikon AI Prime Lenses to shoot the entire video, to really try an emulate the look and feel of the vintage film.

There’s definitely a lighthearted, vintage feel to the video, which pays homage to the film, “The Blues Brothers,” and features a cameo of “Weird Al” Yankovic on the tambourine.

(via Philip Bloom)