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Welcome to the Redesigned PetaPixel!


Update: Thanks so much for all the feedback! What we heard about the new design was overwhelmingly positive, so that’s terrific!

It was so positive, in fact, that our analytics tells us that the demographics have completely flip-flopped. Thus, we’re returning to our previous design for now.

Happy April 1st!

We were looking at our traffic analytics recently when we noticed the following graph:

What shocked us was that the 13-69 demographic completely dominates our readership, while infants, toddlers, and 70+ year old men are underrepresented.

What’s more, from a different graph we found that PetaPixel sees far less female readers than male readers.

“This has to change,” we thought.

For quite some time we had no ideas on how to pander to these underrepresented demographics. Finally, we received a revelation from Wikipedia regarding the color pink. The article contains the following gems:

In Western culture, the practice of assigning pink to an individual gender began in the 1920s. From then until the 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys because being related to red it was the more masculine and decided color, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color, or related to the Virgin Mary.

That means men currently 70+ years old grew up when pink was a color associated with boys.

It has been suggested that females prefer pink because of a preference for reddish things like ripe fruits and healthy faces.

Amazing! One color that panders to both demographics we’d like to appeal to! (and we hear babies like the color pink too!)

If you’re a 70+ year old man, hopefully this new design strikes you with nostalgia and brings a tear to your eye. If you’re a woman of any age, hopefully this new design reminds you of bountiful harvests and gleaming complexions. If you’re not any of these things, we might change our design back when more infants, toddlers, 70+ year old men, and females of all ages read this blog more.

Infants and toddlers! This is for you!

Please let us know what you think about this new design in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Image credit: My Evening With the Ponies by dreamcicle19772006