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Instagram Confirms that Ads Will Soon be Showing Up in US Users’ Feeds


We knew that it was only a matter of time before Instagram bit the bullet and started adding advertisements to the app, and now the news is official. The Facebook-owned company itself has confirmed that ads will indeed be showing up in US users’ feeds “in the next couple of months.” Read more…

Ourspot Helps Amateurs and Enthusiasts Monetize Their Photographic Talents


The advent of smartphone photography and the drop in price of entry-level SLRs have, together, introduced many people to the wonderful world of photography. Ourspot, a new marketplace for buying and selling photographic talent, is targeted at this growing population of enthusiasts and amateurs. Read more…

Instagram Takes Step Toward Profitability by Updating Its ToS, Causes Grumbling

Earlier this month, Facebook stated that it’s working on strategies for monetizing Instagram. Now we’re starting to see the gears in the money-making machine warming up.

Instagram announced an update to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents today, with changes that will take effect on January 16, 2013. While it’s understandable that any service’s terms must change if rolls out a new business model, many users aren’t pleased with what some of the updated sections say.
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Move Over Twitter: Instagram Now Boasts More Active Mobile Users

It is commonly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It seems that US smartphone users agree, for Instagram has now passed Twitter in active user count. The legions of Instagrammers aren’t just checking their beloved social network more than their Tweeting counterparts — their eyeballs are glued on it longer as well.
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Embed Image Wants to Help You Control and Monetize Your Photos

Kristofer Minkstein from Embed Article recently contacted us asking whether we’d like to be a launch partner for a new service they’re planning to launch in a month called Embed Image. Unauthorized image use isn’t a big problem for us, so I don’t think we’ll be using the service, but the idea was interesting enough that I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Both Embed Article and Embed Image have the goal of preventing unauthorized use of content, whether it’s text or images. Embed Article prevents people from copying text with Ctrl-C (or Command-C), displaying a overlay with some embed code for the text instead. In the same way, when visitors of a site using Embed Image hover over a photo, an “embed image” button appears that displays some javascript embed code when clicked. The embed code will display your photo on other websites, just like how YouTube videos can be embedded. To see a live demo, check out the example they’ve put up.

So why would you want to do this? The idea is that giving people an authorized way of embedded an image may prevent unauthorized use. The embedded image automatically links back to the original, and even contains ad space you can use to monetize your photos with. Furthermore, the service will have reporting that shows you where and how your images are being used.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think embeddable images will become popular with photographers and photobloggers?