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SHTTTRRR is a Stupidly Simple DIY Intervalometer for Canon DSLRs


How cheap and minimalist can you make a DSLR intervalometer? A camera hacker who goes by Glitchmaker recently wanted to find out, and the SHTTTRRR is the result of his experiment. It’s a small low-power device that uses only an on/off switch and a button for setting the interval.
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DIY Hack: Turn a Graphing Calculator into a Homebrew Intervalometer in 5 Minutes

If you’ve taken almost any math classes over the last decade, chances are good you have a graphing calculator sitting around in some drawer somewhere. And while we can’t promise you’ll ever use what you learned in Calculus (an engineer friend of mine used to call it ‘calcuseless’) the folks over at JACP Media can help put that old calculator to use by turning it into a homebrew intervalometer. Read more…

Astro: A Time Lapse “Hockey Puck” That Mounts on Your Tripod

Time-lapse photography has become more and more popular in recent months, and even though you can find cheap intervalometer solutions to take care of the basic triggering of your camera, there really isn’t anything outside of the DIY category that will allow you to add smooth motion to your time-lapse on the cheap. Fortunately, innovations happen every day, and a new intervalometer and motion control unit over on Kickstarter is just the innovation to solve this problem. Read more…

The Timelapse+: An Intervalometer and So Much More

Even though Kickstarter projects are anything but few and far between, you still don’t have to look far to find something great. Case in point: the Timelapse+ — a Kickstarter project that reached full funding on February 19th — is a feature-rich intervalometer that would make a valuable addition to any photographer’s camera bag. Read more…

Trigger Happy Turns Your Smartphone Into a Fancy Camera Remote

Trigger Happy is a new product that lets you use your iOS or Android smartphone as a fancy camera remote. It consists of an app and a one-meter-long cable that goes from your phone’s audio jack to your camera. Besides acting as a simple remote shutter release for shake-free shots, the app offers bulb functionality for timing long exposures, an intervalometer for timelapse photography, HDR mode, and bramping. They’re also working on lightning detection, audio waveform detection, face detection, and accelerometer-based triggering.
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Miniscule DIY DSLR Intervalometer

Time-lapse enthusiast and electronics wiz Achim Sack came up with this super-small hardware-based intervalometer. Only a little larger than the size of a standard 2.5mm stereo plug, the device doesn’t require any special setup or configuration — all you do is plug it into your Canon/Nikon/Pentax DSLR and then take two photographs between 0.4 seconds and 18 minutes apart. The device will continue to shoot photos at that interval until the memory card is full or the battery dies. Sadly, it’s not for sale, but if you’re handy with electronics you can find the schematics and code for free on Sack’s website.

Intervall Timer for Nikon und Canon DSLR v2 (via Hack a Day)

Shoot Time Lapse Photos with Any Camera Using a Motorized Finger

Time-lapses are usually created using intervalometers — devices that electronically trigger the shutter on a camera at set intervals for long periods of time — but what if you don’t have a camera that can use one? If you’re good with your hands, you can create a mechanical “intervalometer” that uses a motorized finger to trigger your shutter instead. Instructables member Constructer wrote up a pretty neat tutorial showing how you can build one yourself.

How to Combine DSLR Stills into a Timelapse Video

Okay, so you have a memory card full of timelapse photos taken over a long-ish period of time using a DSLR camera and intervalometer. Now what? In the above video, filmmaker Philip Bloom shows how you can easily combine them into a timelapse video using Quicktime Pro.

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