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SHTTTRRR is a Stupidly Simple DIY Intervalometer for Canon DSLRs



How cheap and minimalist can you make a DSLR intervalometer? A camera hacker who goes by Glitchmaker recently wanted to find out, and the SHTTTRRR is the result of his experiment. It’s a small low-power device that uses only an on/off switch and a button for setting the interval.



Glitchmaker’s Canon 1000D was a perfect camera for this DIY project since Canon DSLR shutters can be easily triggered by connecting one pin to another through the input jack.

At the heart of the SHTTTRRR is a ATTINY45 microcontroller that handles a very simple method of operation. Here’s how it works: after the SHTTTRRR is connected to the DSLR and both devices are turned on, simply press the button on the SHTTTRRR twice, with any amount of time in between.

That interval of time will be the interval between the photos that are automatically snapped on your DSLR. Photos will continue to be captured until you turn the intervalometer off. Here’s a demonstration of the SHTTTRRR in action:

Check out the project page over at Hackaday if you’d like a more technical look at how the device was built and programmed.

(via Hackaday)