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Firefighter Photographer Jake Niece Captures Beauty While Battling Destruction

2012 Wildfire photos. Copyright registered.

Jake Niece is a “jake of all trades” who uses both mind and muscle in his multiple lines of work. In the summer he works as a wildland firefighter in Colorado, and in the winter he works on snowmaking crews. In both seasons he carries a camera and creates beautiful images through his passion for photography, which he has since turned into a third profession.
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Firefighter Turned Photographer Captures Fire Ravaging Multi Million-Dollar Mansion


Now THIS is ruin porn. Forget your standard urbex photo of an old warehouse that’s been abandoned for decades, natural forces taking it over inch-by-inch. The fire captured in the photos above by retired firefighter turned photographer Ricky Kulmann didn’t work it inches.

It took yards (or meters if you prefer) and quickly turned a multi million-dollar home into a hollow shell of charred wood filled with expensive ashes. Read more…

Hotshot Firefighter Takes to Instagram to Document His Crew’s Heroics


In the world of firefighting, a “hotshot” is a firefighter who specializes in containing forest fires before they reach inhabited areas. Gregg Boydston is one such “hotshot.” Part of a 20-person crew that is available to travel all over the nation, he does one thing that most firefighters don’t: he brings his iPhone along and uploads photos to Instagram. Read more…

Firefighter Captures Kitten Resuscitation on Helmet Cam

Here’s a little something that might help start off your work day with a smile, or perhaps an “aww.” This video above is a mock movie trailer put together by Fresno, CA firefighter Cory Kalanick using footage he captured of a kitten rescue and resuscitation he performed last month. Read more…

9/11 Advertisement Pulled After Firefighter Threatens Lawsuit

Last November NYC firefighter Robert Keiley posed for a stock photograph that showed him covered with soot and holding a helmet. Despite signing a release when the image was made, he was shocked when he found an edited version of the photo in an advertisement show him holding a picture of the Twin Towers on 9/11. The ad read “I Was There”, and was for a law firm specializing in 9/11 lawsuits. Keiley, previously a model, didn’t join the fire department until 2004. Now, the agency behind the ad has pulled it after Keiley announced intentions to sue. The news clip above shows two lawyers debating this case. Your thoughts?

(via A Photo Editor)