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Eye-Popping Photographs of the National Pyrotechnic Festival in Mexico


The municipality of Tultepec in Mexico produces about half of all of the country’s fireworks. Every year, more than 100,000 people flock to the area for a nine day event called the National Pyrotechnic Festival. There are activities common to a fair (e.g. food, music, dancing), but the biggest reason people attend is to experience the dazzling firework displays.

Photographer Thomas Prior traveled from New York to attend one of these festivals, and ended up capturing a collection of beautiful photographs showing people partying from within explosions.
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Creative Stop-Motion Makes Excellent Use of Forced Perspective and The Moon

Each summer, White Nights arts festivals are held in several cities all over the globe, and in 2003, the festival added Tel Aviv to its list. The festivals go all night, and Tel Aviv is about to celebrate their 10th on the 26th of this month.

In preparation for the all-night festivities to come, Vania Heymann, a second year student in Bezalel school of art and design in Jerusalem, put together this very creative mix of video and time-lapse that uses forced perspective and the moon to advertise the coming festival. Read more…

Mesmerizing Photos of the Human Tower Festivals of Catalonia


Every year in Catalonia, Spain, there are festivals in which people come together to build colorful — and ridiculously tall — human towers that are supported by nothing but the participants’ strength, balance, and courage. These towers are called castells, which means ‘castles’ in Catalan.

Photographer David Oliete visited the Concurs de Castells festival last year and managed to capture beautiful photographs of the tradition from a high vantage point.
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The Stunning Colors of the Holi Festival in India Captured at 2,500FPS

New York-based production company Variable traveled to India and pointed a Phantom Flex high speed camera at the Holi festival celebrations.

The world is fascinating. People and cultures inspire us. Sadly, the fast paced lifestyles of our generation result in many not taking the necessary step back to soak in the existing world around us. Our goal with this film is to help viewers further appreciate and take notice of the beauty in life & culture that lies within our world…

…so the next time you notice something that strikes you as interesting, stop for a second, start powering on your camera, think about why it’s unique, and snap the shot before you miss it. Life is extraordinary. Embrace it. [#]

The colorful powders thrown around are stunning when captured at 2,500 frames per second.

Chicken Video Wins Nikon Festival Prize

Nikon just announced the winners of the Nikon Festival short film (140 seconds or less) contest a few hours ago, with the grand prize winner going to Marko Slavnic for his Chicken VS Penguin film embedded above. The win comes with a cool $100,000 and a Nikon D5000 DSLR kit. Slavnic’s description:

We all have our share of bad jobs as teenagers. This was mine.

The audience award winner ($25,000) was New York State of Mind by Josh Friedberg.

24 hours in New York City, shot over two different days last year. Working with the Driendl Group I’m lucky enough to gain access to some amazing locations. Starting with sunrise over the East River, moving on to shoot Jerry Driendl at the old Yankee Stadium, back to the lab for a bit, then out to a packed Times Square. Just when I thought the day was done, huge snowflakes started falling from the sky, so it was time to break out the kit again and try to capture the fleeting interaction of nature and the city that never sleeps. A beautiful end to another day in the city. I love the energy of NYC.