Metabones Officially Announces Canon EF Speed Booster for Micro Four Thirds Systems


Metabones already has an impressive lineup of Speed Boosters — the lens adapters that can bypass crop factors, increase maximum aperture and more — but they made headlines yesterday when they added a much sought-after adapter to the lineup: the Canon EF to Micro Four-Thirds model.

This new addition to Metabones’ collection will effectively allow Micro Four-Thirds cameras, such as the 4K capable Panasonic GH4, to easily accept Canon EF mount glass and maintain the field of view of a Super 35mm camera. And, as is the case with all speed boosters, it increases the lens’ maximum aperture by one stop.

Below is a short preview of what you can expect out of this new model when used with a GH4. It was shot by Andrew Reid from EOSHD, who managed to get his hands on a prototype:

The new adapter is already up on the Metabones website for $600, though it isn’t officially shipping yet. And while it’s by no means cheap, we imagine many Canon-toting creatives with a thing for MFT cameras will be lusting after it.

(via EOSHD via NoFilmSchool)

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Come on Metabones, give me an EF to EF-S speed booster. Though, I don’t actually think I have an EF-S lens that I still use…

  • devtank

    At $599 for the Canon EF to Sony E-mount, this thing negates its own use considering the price of E-mount crop sensor bodies. Ive been testing the Zhongyi Lens Turbo for a few weeks and it is fantastic, though it has a slightly longer focal length reduction factor of 0.72 vs Metabones 0.71, and they can be had for $149 from eBay. There will be a model from Fotodiox coming soon also. The tripod mount is a nice addition that isnt present on the Zhongyi but for that price differential you can invent something to offset that lens mount stress, it also has a much better internal light baffle, to compensate for inferior lens coatings. There are no electronic contacts on the Zhongyi, but, if like me you intend to use this EF adapter because it has the largest lens throat you will be adapting from EF to all the lenses in your kit anyway.
    As being someone who has tried a few of them, Id say save your money and buy the cheaper options, the resulting image difference in actuality is negligible -even more-so if you are shooting video.