The New Dropbox Pro Offers 1TB for Only $10/mo, Adds a Ton of New Functionality

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Dropbox is a Go-To for many photographers. Whether they’re storing their photography, sharing albums with clients or, ahem, sending files to the press, more often than not it’s Dropbox they use. And starting today, anybody not using Dropbox’s Pro offering has a whole lot more reason to do so thanks to a steep drop in price, a big jump in storage space, and a bunch of new features and functionality.

First, the headliner: price. If you checked the Dropbox website yesterday, the max amount of space you could grab for yourself was 500GB and it would have cost you $50/month or $500/year… hardly a bargain when you consider Google Drive offers a full Terabyte for only $10/mo.

That changes today, because Dropbox Pro and all the perks that come along with the market leader in online storage just matched Google’s price, offering a single option. One TB for $10/month or $100/year.


But price was actually one of the last things that Dropbox mentioned when we spoke to them over the phone yesterday. They’re much more keen on the updated functionality of the Pro offering. Functionality that we think will resonate quite well with photographers.

Most of the updates revolve around sharing, and three new features that give you a lot more control over how you share your work with clients. Basic sharing has been augmented with three new features: Password Protection, Expiration Dates and View-Only Permissions.

Password protected links

The first two apply to links shared with others — say, a wedding client — and are pretty self-explanatory.

No longer will you have to worry that you’ve shared your link with the wrong person; even if you do, they’ll need a password to access it if you decide to set one.

Plus, if you’re sharing a link with the press or maybe you’d like others to offer limited time access to digital files (with a big fat watermark) so you can tempt clients or wedding attendees to buy prints later on, you can now set an expiration date on the link so it disappears after one week, one month, or on any specific date you set.

Shared Links Passwords and Expirations

The last of the three features mentioned, View-Only Permissions, applies to shared folders. Great if you’re working on a project with several people or if you would like to share an album with multiple people who may not be familiar with Dropbox, you can now give them View-Only permission instead of letting them edit the folder.

View-only Permissions - web

People given View-Only permissions will still be able to see the shared folder in their Dropbox, and they can even download the files and information therein, but they can’t add or remove files. This is designated by a tiny lock that shows up both on the web platform and in their own personal Dropbox folder on their computer.

Dropbox - iOS

Finally, in addition to the sharing features, the final update to Dropbox is called Remote Wipe and offers some peace of mind for those of us who are… let’s say… forgetfully inclined.

If you leave your phone or laptop or any other Dropbox loaded device on the subway or in a cab or at a coffee shop, you no longer have to freak out that people will have access to the files in your Dropbox folder. You can wipe individual devices from the Dropbox website in three clicks.

We had this feature demonstrated for us, and it really is instantaneous. You click a little “X,” mark a checkbox, press one more button and, voila, the folder disappears from the device in a matter of seconds. Sure, they have access to the REST of your computer or phone or whathaveyou, but we take what peace of mind we can get.

Remote Wipe

And that’s it. If you’ve never used Dropbox Pro, the new features coupled with the new price and the functionality that was already built into Dropbox will definitely make this a more tempting option.

You can find out more about the update from Dropbox themselves by heading over to the Dropbox blog or, if you’d like to open an account or upgrade your current Basic account, you can give Pro a shot at the new price by clicking here.

  • Konstantin Shtondenko

    Awesome move, Dropbox.
    Another step in moving all our files to the cloud.

  • Yousif Sadik

    What a shame! It cost £7.99 per month here in the UK making it an equivalent of about $13.25 a month! Not good dropbox, It should be £5.99 a month to be about the same price as the US counterpart. What is stopping me from paying for it through a US proxy to save money….? Get your pricing straight!

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    hmm. I still only have the 100GB option.

    edit: just read on the dropbox page:
    Already a Pro user? Dropbox will update automatically in the next couple days. You don’t have to do a thing.

  • Yousif Sadik

    Save yourself money and use a proxy to get the $100 dollar a year deal, I’ve just done it :)

  • Björn Lubetzki

    It seems that an account doesn’t get bumped up automatically, neither do I have any way of bumping it up myself. I currently own the old Pro, which is 100GB. And Dropbox still displays only 100GB as a maximum space.

  • XLR876

    Would like to see stats on who has accessed the files, when, etc.

  • Marko Nara

    I Stopped using Dropbox for one reason: reliability

    The Sync software for windows is not realiable, and fails to sync my desktop data to the dropbox server, or suddlenly stop.

    Google Drive isnt perfect, but at least, for the most of the time, it works.

    If Dropbox now offers, not only a better deal, also reliabilty.. I will suscribe for the 10$/month right away…

  • Yousif Sadik

    I would like to confirm that I just finished the payment using a US proxy and paid from the UK. Saved me £35 a year by doing so. Proof is below showing 1Tb of storage. You can thank me later :)

  • cchdisqus

    they’re saying it will automatically update within the next couple of days for current pro subscribers, but I’d still double check that it actually does.

  • Vlad Cîndea

    I’m using Mediafire Pro, and that costs half the price ( $4.99) for 1TB

  • Bello Russo

    I wouldn’t worry about Google Drive prices. The service is unusable. If you ever tried to send clients a link with folder to download, you know how almost impossible for normal people to download anything from Google Drive.

  • Xantippa’s

    What about us already using pro? Wil we get the extra space??

  • Bello Russo

    actually it is $2.49 a month now.

  • Vlad Cîndea

    Indeed, but that’s just for the first month. :)

  • David Maulik

    I wish Dropbox had sent an email to me about this I am a Pro User and just this morning completed my transition from Dropbox to Drive for their 1TB $9.99 per month plan. This is so frustrating. Now I will probably cancel the Drive account and move back to the Dropbox since I like the way they handle my photos better. If nothing else they should at least update their cancel page to say something like “don’t go yet we’re increasing your limit” or something like that.

  • Konstantin Shtondenko

    David, you should check out, an app that connects to Google Drive and makes photo management experience there better. Disclaimer: I’m part of the team developing it.

  • Rob Elliott

    Doesn’t the Eurozone charge VAT on e-services? And isn’t the VAT included in the price?

    Taxes aren’t included in USD Pricing. Some states and nations charge for electronic services some don’t.

    I believe it is actually about 80p more expensive.

  • Brett

    Then it varies. The Dropbox sync application is significantly more reliable for me in comparison. The Drive desktop app though often freezes, doesn’t detect changes to files for days and can take hours to detect changes on the web side before beginning to sync down to me. I have to quit it typically and reopening it and see that “suddenly” it finds dozens of new files to sync.

    I use Dropbox as well and I prefer it for collaboration which is what I use Drive for as well, so I might switch.

  • Brett

    It’s a nightmare for collaborations I find, unless they are already familiar with google drive. Doing a project now with about 6 people and getting everyone able to access it was incredibly unintuitive.

  • Phase19

    If it is a intro price you can sign up for $24.99 / year, that works out to be $2.08 a month…

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    $3.25 a month? Why, after *just* five years, you can afford a nice dinner!

  • Doc Pixel

    How far off is integration with Dropbox? I believe it was stated somewhere you were working on that.

  • Konstantin Shtondenko

    Not soon. Today we release collection sharing feature. Come buy tomorrow and check it out.

  • bogorad

    InSync fixes that. Using it instead of Drive app since day one.

  • Yousif Sadik

    I paid exactly $100 dollars for it.

  • Konstantin Shtondenko

    We certainly can. Just need a couple more developers on board :-) Thanks for the kind words. Hey, can you support us on Thunderclap?

  • Richard Ford

    Tonne even….

  • Richard Ford

    Maybe drop box use data centres closer to the UK? Maybe the power, labour and bandwidth costs more there than in the US midwest? If you want to upload across the atlantic go for it. But not everything is a money grab. It may well be matching prices to costs of operating in one area of the world.

  • Richard Ford

    Be interesting to see where your account is hosted then and if there is a speed difference or not than native UK signed up account.

  • Yousif Sadik

    I have checked everything and there is no difference is speed whatsoever.