7 Simple Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Taking More Creative Smartphone Photos

COOPH, The Cooperative of Photography, is back in the photo tip game again, this time showing us 7 smartphone photography tips you’ll want to be writing down if you ever shoot with the computer in your pocket.

From unique panorama uses to a clever way to easily take partially underwater photos, these tips are quick, easy and will certainly add a little variety to your Instagram arsenal.

The result of a "Drive-By Panorama"

The result of a “Drive-By Panorama”

Demonstrated by photographer Lorenz Holder, a few of our personal favorites are the PanoDash and the water drop macro lens (a tip we’ve actually covered before on its own).

And although Holder uses an iPhone 5S to capture the shots in the video, almost any smartphone is capable of capturing and creating photographs using these tips, so don’t be discouraged by his choice of device. Just watch the roundup at the top and then get out there and get creative!

  • Cristian

    Love the graffiti on the wall saying tard, pay attention to background people.

  • Si G

    Top tip for drivebypano, instead of looking stupid holding your phone upside down, just tap the pano window in the middle, and you can now take it from the other side

  • Matt

    Hi Si G,
    I am the director of the vid – I had no idea about that tap, and now feel incredibly stupid. Thanks for calling us out though, good to know :)

  • Si G

    Hiya Matt, guess rename it to, 8 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks ;)

  • yung beety

    who cares? they certainly didnt.

  • Federico Montemurro

    quality is not the objective here

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Shush, tard.

  • Werchange

    Having some fun can lead to quality creativity. Gotta break an egg or two…

  • ThatGuy

    … and the problem is?


  • ThatGuy

    Some good creativity here. Well done.

  • NetDost – Visual Inspiration


  • Federico Montemurro

    You are right about creativity but final Image quality remains questionable.

  • Pierre Pichot

    Some pretty good tips here, really nice job!

  • Jon Iñigo Viray

    who cares about the quality , it is smart., duh what do you expect with an iphone ….. if you’re creative then shot will be made.

  • Antoine Didienne

    It’s really freaking cool. GREAT tips.

    COOPH is really good at creating videos that are highly sharable and that will blow people’s mind. am impressed.

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  • P-ST0LER0

    If no one’s said this yet- once in a while I use my Ray-ban wanna-be’s as a light filter.