Report: Nikon’s All-New Full Frame Shooter Will be Marketed as an ‘Action’ Camera


Nikon Rumors is reporting that the mystery full-frame camera Nikon is said to announce at Photokina next month, the one that some speculated would be a ‘true’ replacement for the D700, will actually be marketed as an “action” camera.

But don’t take that to mean that this will be some sort of full-frame GoPro. It’s not going to be an action camera in that sense. NR believes it will instead be a Nikon FF DSLR marketed specifically to action sports shooters.

Marketing materials are said to involve skaters and “probably” include high speed action shots and video.


As to what will set this camera apart from the D610 and D810, Nikon Rumors believes (and this is just speculation) that it will possibly include the D810/D4s’ 51-point AF system, faster burst mode and better video capabilities than the aforementioned cameras.

This will also likely mean a lower megapixel count, since the D800/E and D810 were largely hobbled in the speed department by the fact that they shoot such large files.

It's possible that the new full-frame camera will sport the 51-point AF system found in the D4s

It’s possible that the new full-frame camera will sport the 51-point AF system found in the D4s

By the sounds of it, we’re in for a faster (but still relatively affordable) full-frame option so that Nikon-loving action/sports shooters don’t have to choose between using the more affordable options in crop mode or buying the much more expensive D4s.

As always, stay tuned and we’ll do our best to keep an eye on all the rumors and pass along the juiciest of them.

  • Kyle Sanders

    Here’s a thought: slow motion video of skaters doing tricks would be a great way to show off 1080p120 or 720p120. One can hope, eh?

  • Aristophanes

    FF D300s replacement.

  • sarahmdugan

    Just have the dual card slot please…

  • Zack Griswold

    I just love that they used a pretty awful skateboard shot to showcase the camera.

  • Kynikos

    Effectively, the D710.

  • arachnophilia


  • Alex Ulleri

    If this is true, lower pixel FF sensor, 51 point focus and 120fps video…I would sell my D800 for this in a heartbeat…please be true.

  • uaio

    Congrats to Nikon users if true. I have always wondered why manufacturers didn’t go this way. Myself heavily into architect/interior and some urban/natural landscapes. My dream camera is a full frame body with a fully articulated screen. Of course, sports photographers would dismiss it in a second. Way to go Nikon!

  • Joe

    If they make a scaled down D4 like they made the D700 a scaled down D3, I will be very happy. I still use my D700 to this day since I haven’t been interested in either the D810 or D610. Please don’t screw it up Nikon like you did with the DF…

  • Phase19


  • Pat Downs

    So they’re going to cannibalize their D4 and D610 market share? Hmmm. BUT, a D810 and a same-size as D700 body that is 16-24mp and 10fps … perfect combo for me maybe. Video may be the driving factor?

  • Zack Griswold

    I guess the worst part for me is that the bottom of the skateboard actually has motionblur… which kind of kills the whole point of this super-action camera.

  • bob cooley

    That would effectively be the D700 replacement.

  • kassim

    Sony A7s sensor in D700 body? People will ditch their D4s for it.

  • Jim Merchant

    Fingers crossed for around 18 megapixels and 10fps continuous

  • Zos Xavius

    I guess the worst part for me is that you aren’t even smart enough to realize that the bottom of the skateboard is actually slightly out of focus…. which kind of kills the whole point of your super worthless posts.

  • Zack Griswold

    That and it’s just a terrible photo. That’s what people call C-roll, should have been thrown out before it made it to the computer. Why are you getting defensive? Are you the unfortunate soul that took this worthless photo?

  • Zos Xavius

    I’d have to ask you why are you out on the offensive? It’s a goddamned picture of a skateboarder that is some stock image petapixel pulled up quickly. Looking through your comments you seem to have come down with a rabid case of canon fanboyism. I’d suggest you go see a doctor.

  • Phase19

    It’s just a random stock photo get over it.

  • Phase19

    This could be the body I’ve been looking for, can’t wait to see the spec’s when/if released…

  • gustavoschiavon

    Looks promising. Hopefully the same 24MP sensor as the D160 with 7+FPS, I don’t think they would go higher than that; higher frame rate on the video side of things and a thorough weather sealing (full alloy body). And yes, keep the dual card slot, please!! I’d be in for a body like this as my next camera. As for the comment suggesting it would cannibalise the D610 and D810, I think it would be a natural step-up for current D610 users who use it for work; mine is less than 1 year old and already clocking 90K+ shots, already thinking about the next option and the D810 is not in the plans (too large of files, too slow for my purposes). Would be shoulder-to-shoulder with the D810 on price tag I presume as to give you the option to compromise on speed or resolution.

  • Zack Griswold

    Man you must be fun at the parties you don’t get invited to. “Oh wow someone made a comment I didn’t like, let me look up all of his past comments and see if I don’t agree with those either”. Your life must suck

  • ernie824

    Let’s hope so it would be D700 replacement, Let’s wait and see

  • bob cooley

    yeah, I’m cautiously optimistic – but won’t be bent out of shape either way. I’m happy with the D800, but if there was a quick shooting, low-light D710, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.