DIY: How to Make a GoPro Float with a Bottle Cap and Sugru

While GoPros are made to shoot underwater (within the confines of their housing – that is – they aren’t exactly made to float, if by some chance you happen to drop your camera while filming underwater.

Of course, there are third party solutions out there to prevent this from happening, but they’re often a bit pricy. Thus, here to ensure that your camera doesn’t sink into the abyss on the cheap is a little DIY bottle mount from Youtube Channel Wandering Designers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.23.03 AM

Using a standard GoPro tripod mount, 1/8th inch bolt and notes, a pack of sugru, 1/8th rubber washer and a bottle cap, this little DIY project offers up great protection on the cheap.

The two minute video shows the process in much more detail, but the summary of what you’ll be doing is as follows. First, you’re going to drill a hole through the center of the cap. Through that hole you’ll be pushing the bolt up through the bottom, applying the sugru to ensure a water-tight seal around the bolt. Once the sugru has been formed and dried as desired, you simply toss the rubber washer on top, screw on the tripod mount and you’re good to go.
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.22.17 AM

Once finished, all you’ll need is an empty bottle and you’re on your way to filming underwater without the fear of losing your beloved action cam. Not only is it cheaper than other solutions, but it’s a clever bit of upcycling, which is always welcomed.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Andrew Fritz

    Tripod threads on most cameras, including the GoPro tripod adapter are 1/4-20… Not 1/8 inch. Otherwise, great idea.

  • MacMan

    Also 3rd party tripod mounts are dirt cheap, got mine on ebay for £1.99 inc PnP, think id rather use Gorilla glue and make it a permanent water seal.

  • William Leong

    I’d suggest also to throw in just enough pebbles so that when it floats, the camera is above water instead of below. Makes it easier to notice (and probably capture the process of being lost at sea)

  • Adam Cross

    have people not heard of camera straps before? I’m confused.