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Make a Thrifty DIY Monitor Mount Using GoPro Parts


Mounting a monitor on your DSLR usually means using an articulating ball mount, which is fiddly and impossible to adjust with one hand. Caleb Pike shows how to build a freely adjustable mount using GoPro parts in this 5 minute video.

To put this together, you’ll just need a couple of parts, which will set you back around $20-$30. Firstly, a GoPro hot shoe adapter to use as the base, which will be connected to your camera. This has three prongs at the top, which accept a two-pronged GoPro mount.

The second part is a 1/4 mount, which has 2 prongs on the bottom to attach to the adapter, and a screw to attach to your monitor.

That’s it! This setup will allow you to tilt your monitor forward and backwards with one hand, without allowing it to pivot.